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Brand Identity 

Brand Identity is important. We want the customers mind to instantly think of you and your brand when they  see certain things. This is  why we will craft a series of branded support images that will match your main image and support the theme of the brand. 

signature series.png

Story Highlight Covers 

a great example of this is the story highlight covers on Instagram. by matching them to the font and colors of your main image we create one cohesive profile rather than one that feels like several different entities. 

Story Stickers 

the last important part of this plan is having fun and engaging with your audience all while staying on brand. to accomplish this, we create a series of overlay images with no background that can be used as things like Instagram story stickers or watermarks. this gives you complete custom ability to interact in fun new ways with your audience all while matching the colors and styles of your overall design theme.

new post.png
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